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Herbal - Cleopatra's Banishing Hair Potion - Made to order


Cleopatra's banishing Hair Potin is a hair tonic formulation aimed to banish all energies that stop hair growth or to affect hair growth. It is prepared with the finest organic herbs and vitamins.

These herb extracts are processed considering the influences of the moon, therefore are made during the banishing phase of the moon.

Use as a conditioner, with clean or dirty hair, wet or dry hair, just make sure to put in on, such that you fill your scalp is wet.

My hair grows as a weed after I removed all unwanted energies using my hair potion.

Cleopatra's Banishing Haor Potion is now made to order, I usually make 10 bottles every month, but I ran out of them quickly, if you like to try this hair potion, please order it, that way I will make it for you as soon as the Moon goes on the waning phase!

Please send me the easiest way to contact you, that way I can tell you when I am making your hair potion.

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