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Oils - Magickal Oils


Prepared with 100% organic ingredients, essential oils and gemstones in a base jojoba or olive oil. These oils are compounded & blessed during appropriate planetary days and hours. 

Use them to anoint yourself, your candles, your sacred magical tools or simply place a few drops in a diffuser to create a magical atmosphere around you.

Description of magical oils

Anpu - Anubis - Magical oil to communicate with the underworld and to perform past life regressions and mediumship, it is also used for protection.

Egyptian Ritual - Magical oil used mainly in rituals and ceremonies, excellent for banishing, clearing and cleansing. Based on an ancient Egyptian recipe.

Eye of Horus - Magical oil used for protection and banishing unwanted energies.

Maat - Balance and Justice, use this oil to bring balance and harmony to your life and for court related purposes

Open the Third Eye - to increase psychic ability. Use this oil to open the third eye chakra, to improve extra sensory perception and psychic ability.

Tehuti - for Magical Powers


1 dram $ 12.00

Larger quantities available upon request, email us at sales@hermeticarts.com

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