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Classes - Online Class - Foundations of Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magic - Week 1


This is the charge for lesson 1 from a one year and a day course, on Foundations of Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magic.

You need to be accepted to the class, please contact us for our curriculum, class description and schedules and acceptance to the class.

You should plan on being online with us for 2 hours (90 minutes + two 15 minute-breaks),

We meet on Saturday mornings regularly (9-11 am or 11-1pm), but arrangement for other days/times can be worked out as needed.

The schedule is subject to change depending on what is needed or requested. Please contact us for schedules (Maria, herbalministry@icloud.com or David at Davidn418@yahoo.com).

What are you looking for? Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick, Herbalism, Divination, or Essential oils?

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